My best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Last year, I had the honor to be a part of not one, but two weddings for my good friends, Woorim and Gina, who I’ve known equally almost all my life. I wanted to share my experience being a bridesmaid and Matron-of-honor in this post because these are two beautiful people that are dear to my heart. So bear with me as this long-over-due post is going to be quite a lengthy one, with an abundance of pictures.

1 It all started with receiving a simple phone call and text message saying they were engaged and I was in absolute tears!  Both Woorim and Gina have been dating their guys for quite some time (5years+), and it was obvious that they were ultimately going to tie the knot… it was just a matter of time.  We weren’t exactly sure when or how it would happen, but when it did… I bursted into tears.  It’s that feeling when you expect something for so long, and after years & years of waiting, it finally happens… you can’t contain yourself.  Yes, I am a baby and I admit I cry at every tear-jerking opportunity!

It just so happened that both of my closest friends had gotten engaged around the same time and decided to plan a wedding the same year, so you can only imagine how busy my year was!  Not only was I happy to hear the great news that they were FINALLY taking the plunge, but I was also excited to have been considered to be a part of these two special occasions.

Being involved in the bridal party planning process was by far the craziest experience, especially dealing with several different bridesmaids within each party.  At this age, we get to the point in our lives where we have full time careers, juggling family and friends so it was almost impossible planning bachelorette parties and bridal showers while trying to set aside enough time for personal obligations.  But after multiple phone calls, back and forth emails, and complicated shared google calendars, we managed to coordinate dates and agendas that we were all able to agree on.  Throughout this process, it was definitely one of the most challenging, but it was all worth it in the end.

Another challenging moment experienced was during my speech as matron of honor at Gina’s wedding.  People who know me would tend to agree that I am not the greatest public speaker, so when Gina asked me to be her matron-of-honor and prepare a speech, I was absolutely terrified.  It took me a good month to formulate just the right amount of wit, charm and compassion into a concise but sweet speech.  But aside from the panic, I was honored to have given the chance to speak and share my emotions during her special day.

I definitely wanted the speech to be special and authentic.  Because our time together was so limited due to the fact that she moved to a different state at the age of 15, I wanted to share all the great memories we had with one another growing up.  And I am so glad I did because she wept like a baby. I love you, Gina Le! Below are some photos taken by her photographer from the day of.  Special thanks to Best Photography for capturing the greatest moments throughout that day.

2 3 Gina surprised us with so many gifts the morning of.  One of which were these beautiful matching robes by Plum Pretty Sugar and customized gold initial necklaces, which I wear everyday 5 4 7 9

Being part of a wedding can also be very emotional. Woorim’s wedding was extremely intimate and heart felt, and it was evident that love was pouring out throughout the entire night. Having grown up with Woorim since we were 12 years old, I experienced first hand her amazing relationship with her dad and how it continued to evolve throughout the years.  Needless to say on her special day, it was hard to hold back the tears when he walked her down the aisle.  There was not one person in the ceremony that didn’t have a tissue in hand during that moment.

As one of the bridesmaids, I also got to witness straight from the emotions of the groom, who is normally very stoic;  the moment Woorim walked down the aisle, we saw him shed a few tears.  It was definitely a sweet and memorable experience to see such a genuine reaction from a groom seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.  Take a gander at the photos below shot by Mark Brooke Photography  to see first hand what I’m talking about:

5 You can’t really tell by this picture, but Woorim was crying throughout the entire walk down that aisle.  It was so touching that it moved the entire crowd to tears. 6 7 8 Woorim always had a thing for giraffes, so when I came across this giraffe ring holder online, I had to buy it.  It was the perfect piece to give to her on her wedding day.  9 4 And this piece right here was gifted from the bride herself to the bridal party.  It’s a small clear clutch with a customized engraving that spelled out our names.  1 3 I love you, Gina + Woorim! You two have been the greatest friends throughout all these years of my life and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed being part of your big day.  It was an absolute honor and I wish you guys all the best!

Congratulations again! May your marriage be nothing but splendor and bliss.

                                                                                                                                            With Bliss,




Jane + Dan : Match made in Heaven

Jane + Dan// Engagement// Pasadena Ca

Meeting Jane and Dan was a bit like experiencing fireworks for the first time.  Their excitement and sweet adoration towards one another was enchanting to say the least!  You can definitely tell by the way they look at each other that there is something special brewing.  Not only were they able to overcome each other’s hectic schedules, they endured long distances apart (with Jane moving to Chicago).  Nothing can keep these two apart!  This is what we mean by the astounding love they have for one another and we couldn’t be any more inspired.

With Dan’s mesmerizing eyes and Jane’s infectious and graceful smile, we can’t deny they will have beautiful babies someday!

Here’s a glimpse at this sweet couple’s engagement photos taken by the wonderful and talented,

IL Mare Photography



…and we are swooning over this romantic shot below.  Talk about being swept off your feet!




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BLOG3 We absolutely cannot wait for their wedding in May!  It’s going to be an extraordinary night and we are totally ready for it! Congrats again, you two!


V-day Photoshoot

V-day Photoshoot {Dessert Bar}

Happy Monday ya’ll!  To commemorate one of the most romantic holidays of all time, we decided to show off some of our creative skills by producing and decorating a dessert table for a styled shoot.  We were fortunate enough to work with two of the most talented photographers (shout out to Daniel and Mark for making this happen!)  It was so much fun setting  up a dessert bar with silky fabrics, diy bottles we spray painted and glittered ourselves, along with a beautiful mixture of florals we hand picked from the local flower mart, aaand we can’t forget about the most important part of this shoot which were the sweets from Harina

It’s amazing how you can transform a bland brick wall into something so whimsical and vibrant, don’t you think?

Behold are some photos you MUST check out.  We think we did a pretty good job, considering our budget and time constraints, but you can be the judge.


















Vendor love:  Location- Mark’s Studio// Baker- Harina Cakes // Flowers- LA Flower Mart // Photographer- 100% Mark Making // Drapes + Fabrics- LA Fabric District // Design + Conception-  Splendor and Bliss {s+b}


2014- to new beginnings and new resolutions

2014.  To NEW beginnings and NEW resolutions


photo cred: fitsugar

At the beginning of each New Year, millions of Americans make resolutions to improve their quality of life. They promise themselves to lose weight, quit smoking, or spend smarter. While personal health and finance are admirable endeavors, they are also self-centered and do little to improve the quality of the lives of people they love. You’ll never hear anyone say about a person, “That physically fit Gina sure knows how to manage her finances. Let’s call her and see what she’s up to!” This year, why not make socially centered resolutions that benefit both you and your friends? Here are our top 10 New Year’s resolutions that will make attending and hosting events better for everyone.

10. Give your family the good stuff

Why is it that when your guest list includes friends of friends you bring out the Crate and Barrel but when your family shows up they get the Ikea collection and paper plates? Sure, you’ve witnessed family members justify eating off the floor because of some unfounded five second rule. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your very best. If anything, it’s because they’re your family you should pull out all the bells and whistles. Love is in the little details and presentation. Show them they’re worth it.

9. Bring gifts

Make it a point to bring a gift for the host. Whether it includes flowers, a party game, dessert or even a slightly burnt home cooked appetizer, the host will appreciate it.

8. Get off your phone

Do not be the person to check in at every establishment they visit with a tagline that reads, “Ah yeah, it’s crackin’ here,” or “It’s about to get cray cray!” If it were really crackin’ and cray cray, you wouldn’t be on your phone. Stop investing so much effort in convincing people in your network that you’re having a good time. Instead, try having a real good time with real people. Start by leaving your phone on silent and out of reach for at least one hour at a time.

7. Don’t be boring

Have you ever been approached by a pony-tailed d-bag donning thick framed glasses and a boring aura at a party? Is that d-bag you? Stop being boring! If you’re talking to someone at a party and she hasn’t so much as affirmed you with an “uh huh” for the past hour it’s because she’s tuned you out while playing a movie in her head. Most people don’t care for your thesis, a regurgitation of political opinion you heard somewhere, or your dumb idea for a startup. Be fun.  Keep it light.

6. Don’t be cheap

Ever. Here’s a good example of not being cheap. If you brought wine or spirits that weren’t finished or opened at a party, don’t even think about taking it back home! Leave it for the host to bring out at the next gathering.

5. Compliment the host

If you’ve never planned or hosted a large scale event, you will never understand the stress and ungodly amount of effort it takes to make one happen. Be sure to compliment your host on the save the date, invitation, centerpiece, décor, food, or ANYTHING planning related. Seriously, just say ANYTHING about the event.

4. Act your age

You’re never too old to have fun but it’s important to keep that fun age appropriate. If you find yourself ordering Jager bombs and buttery nipples at a classy wedding, you need to reflect on what an idiot you were in college and then let it go. If twerking hurts your lower back, it’s because you’re not meant to do it.

3. Don’t bring that guy, uh, what’s his name?

In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby’s friends antagonize him for having brought a dozen different dates to their various milestone celebrations, subsequently ruining the sentimental value of each group photograph. Group photos are meant to capture the most intimate and wonderful memories shared with people you want to remember for a lifetime. Don’t be a Ted Mosby. No ring, no bring.

2. Be punctual

If you’ve ever arrived so late to a wedding that you actually greeted a bride and her father outside the chapel just before her grand entrance, you need to make this your New Year’s resolution. Showing up “fashionably late” is so 1995. Be respectful by being punctual.

1. Let yourself have fun

Tear up your Murtaugh list, leave your cardigan and sensible shoes at home, and definitely disregard New Year’s Resolution #4. We don’t care if it’s too soon to bring YOLO back. Get crazy this year. Your dead end job, recession, and chubby gut are sticking around for a little while longer. You might as well have some fun.


5 ornaments of holiday splendor


As Ned Stark foretold, “Winter is coming.” Aye, it is, followed by hundreds of great ideas for holiday themed events, such as Ugly Sweater Parties, Christmas Cookie Swap, Holiday Movie Marathon, Xmas Carol Karoake Night, Secret Santa, and our favorite White Elephant, to say the least.

We’ve narrowed down the holiday essentials to five of our favorite things:

Gift Wrapping:

The secret to a great gift is in its wrapping. Gift wrap is like the lingerie that sets the tone for what is to follow. Don’t wrap your gift in parachute panties and a sports bra. Instead, take the time to present it in a way that shows you invested some serious love and thought into it. Here’s a super cute idea that won’t break the bank: packing paper and raffia. Add a few festive details and you’ve got yourself an organic, simple yet charming present.

photo cred: sallyjshim

Escort Cards:

While excessive use of glitter and metallic paint is normally reserved for tacky high school student body campaign posters, this holiday season we strongly encourage it. We absolutely love this winter wonderland inspired pinecone escort card. It is tasteful, festive and something that guests will definitely want to take home.

photo cred: pinecone escort cards


Obviously red flowers are must for this holiday decor, but have you ever thought of having a red bouquet for a wedding? Not only does the color represent ‘pure love’, but its bold and vibrant palette embodies a classic chic look, with an aroma of sweet wine and velvetty soft textures.  So the next time, you decide to go for something a bit more daring choosing your bridal bouquets, you might want to pick up some red ranunculus, red dahlias, or just the classic red roses.

photo cred: kellykaufmandesign


The most important part of a brides’ big day are none other than her shoes! Yes, we said it.  Aside from the decor, the dress, and the ring… are the shoes.  We always remind our future brides to always select a pair of heels that are not only ravishing, but also comfortable!  After all, you will be standing in those all day reciting your vows, taking photos, and dancing throughout the night… so do us a favor and always remember to choose exquisite, yet comfortable foot gear! One that we recommend are these beautiful Vivienne Westwood shoes that displays cute little heart on the center of front of each shoe.  The entire shoe is made out of rubber, making it quick to slip on and extremely easy to dance in. The perfect wedding shoes, if you ask us.

photo cred: thebridelink


You can have holiday inspired décor without having to make it look like a Christmas. Hanging lights, white peonies accented with dusty miller, and white chiavari chairs provide a romantic winter feel.

photo cred: stylemepretty

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